The Method


How to win at online casinos?

Okay, so here we go
First, remember that casinos have edge, it is zero in roulette, in slots it is in program etc. Some games return higer amounts than others, but not a single casino could work without edge.
So You will be at the losing side from the beginning. How to turn the casino edge to your favor.
As I wrote earlier at this roulette post, you were able to use roulette (and blackjack) to wager required bonus amounts. Nowadays it is quite impossible.
What then is possible? I used hours and hours to try to figure out some niche that would make it possible to make money with casinos. Regular bonushunting was out of question, since it is highly risky. Also casinos edge gives always negative return on the long term.

So is it just impossible?

No, it is not.
Main things about winning method are: roulette and free spins offers.

And what to do?

Firstly, there are at least huondreads of casinos you can play with. I recommend to use 5-10 casinos. If you had not read my article about “how to start winning casinoplaying” please read it now, and come back then. In worst case you end up with less money if you dont do this by the rules.

So first, open a e-mail account ( , gmail etc)
Then open e-wallet (Neteller, or Skrill)
After those, choose money to start with.

Every casino offers best deals at first weeks, so be ready to have at least 500€ on your account.
Open accounts with
Wild jackpots
Mr Green


Why those Casinos?

Those casinos are good, trusted and I have won with every of them. Soon I will add a couple of more, after I have tested them.
As said earlier, there are so many casinos out there, that You really should be careful when opening accounts. Use those I gave you, they work.

Ok, so everyone of these casinos offers a welcome bonuses etc. Remember, that you should always choose free spins offers over deposit bonus. At Mr green and Vera&John casino you may use also deposit bonus(since they let you withdraw your deposit without wagering), but in other casinos, always take free spins.


So lets assume, that we have deposited to GoWild casino 25€, and we received 100 free spins to “emperor of the sea” game.
First, check that your free spins have arrived. Open game (emperor of the sea) and see if it congratulates You for having 100 free spins. If so, click “use later” and close the game.It is important not to use free spins yet.

If it doesn´t show them, ask from their chat.

After making sure, that your free spins have arriwed, go to roulette (european, french etc).
Now you may put that money to red/black, and all in. You have a little less than 50% change to double it or lose it. If you double it, make a withdrawal.

Over the long term your bankroll keeps about same, since you double your bet for about 50% of cases. Never play longer than doubling it.
So now you have made a withdrawal request for 50€ or lost 25€. Now go to emperor of the sea game again and use free spins. Lets say you get 20€ from free spins. Now put bigger bet, and change to another game if you wish. Bet should be something like 4-5€.
In most of the cases of course, you will end up losing that money, but since you recieve those free spins offers from 5-10 casinos almost daily, you will have great possibility to turn that 20€ to 1000-4000€. That happens once/twice a month. Then make a withdrawal, or in some caes you need to wager that amont first according to casino rules. Usually you may anyway withdraw all the money that is above your free spins winnings.

Lets have a example calculation here:

Over month you get 100 free spins offers.
Every of them are 100 free spins with 50€ deposit.
You make 100 deposits of 50€, and double or lose it at roulette.You end up with 4900€winnings and 5000€ loses. (or vice versa).
From 100 free spins offers you average 20€ each.
Then you put 5€ bet and play some game (immortal romance, emperor of the sea, dead or alive) You will be doing 400 spins. One of the spins give you 400xbet winning, so you get 1600€
You must wager your original free spins winnings 30times, so you play 20€*30=600€
That 600€ gives you 500€ winnings, so you end up with 1600€- 600€+500€ = 1500€

Easy money?


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