3 Casino secrets

3 Casino secrets

1.There are better and worse games.

Some games are paying more than others.. that should be quite simple, but it is not for everyone. Table games  (roulette and blackjack) are the best. Many people still play slots and other games. And YES, they usually know that slots won´t pay you that big.The main reason is possibility to get bigger wins.  Check here to see how to win jackpot with roulette.

2.If You win big, they will be watching you.

Big wins are important to casinos. They need to show that people actually may win and change their lives. Anyway, if you seem to win “too much”, you will be wathed and maybe banned. So, if you win big time… it is good to change the casino.

3.Casino bonus money is not real until you have played enough.

You need to wager your bonus money several times to withdraw it. The money is actually play money until you get it to your bank account. So With bonus money, target always to big bucks and jackpots.

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