How to win at lottery

Lottery is commonly badly paying, but super popular game.

You may win millions, with just 1€ and actually the best part of the game is to dream about winning.

Odds are very low. For example eurojackpot has probability of 1:95 000 000 to win jackpot.

Ok, so how to win then?

Money attracts money, right?

If you had money as much, just wait until jackpot grows big enough, and buy all the tickets ;). Let´s assume there is a lottery in your country, with probability of winning is 1:20 000 000 and one ticket cost 1€. When jackpot is over 20 000 000€ buy all the possible tickets, and that will cost you 20 000 000€. Then hope no one else gets all numbers right. If not, you win everything that was over 20 000 000 in the pot. Also you get all the smaller wins.

How is that possible? 

At the beginning of the text, I told that lottery has poor return percentage. That is true, but progressive jackpot turns return percentage better, when jackpot gets bigger.

All rounds counted together, it is again poor probability game. You win better playing online casinos or not playing at all. So wait until progressive jackpots get high, and play only those rounds. Also, you may try MegaMoolah progressive jackpot game.


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