Mega Moolah strategy

Mega Moolah is microgaming based jackpotgame found from many good casinos.

At base game you can choose lines from 1 to 25 and line bet up to 5 coins.

Specialty about Mega Moolah is jackpot game. It appears randomly, so you have change to win millions with just 1c bet.

Mega Moolah and my method

Usually, when playing with my method i prefer using games, that have not jackpot feature, since they usually have lower return percent. Anyway I have used MegaMoolah to clear accounts, (when you have like 0,22€ left) and actually sometimes got some profits from it.

When I was at the beginning of my gambling career I played Mega Moolah a lot. And the strategy I was using was the following:

Play 50-100games with 0,25€ bet (all lines 1c/line) and then turn to maximum bet. If free spins feature appeared when playing those 0,25€ rounds, I started counting again. I got from 200€ to near 1300€ and hit about twenty bonus games in just a couple of days. Was it all good luck?

Probably yes… but at least it worked then. Actually.. I need to try it out again.
And by the way… I won mini jackpots many times (about 10€) and a couple of minor jackpots (100-190€).

I was playing with GoWild casino, never tried that strategy out on others…

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