Win Jackpot with roulette

Is it even possible? Roulette is a table game , where biggest win is 35xbet (when betting on single number).  Actually, thinking about return percent, betting to numbers is dull idea. Columns and red/black pay you better. However numbers give you possible to win big.


How is that possible?

Let´s see: You bet 1€ to number 22 and hit. Your balance is then 35€.

Now you bet 35 to number 15, and hit again. Now your 1€ is 1225€.

Then find a casino with high table limits at casino (try the ones I reviewed) and bet 1225€ to single number (say 8) and hit.. Your 1€ has turned to 42875€.

Never gonna happen?

Ok, but how likely this is to happen? Lets see.. You play 100 000 rounds. possibility to hit one single number is 1/36 = 2,77778% So from your 100 0000 rounds you hit 2777 timers.

Second hit you get 2,777778% *2777 rounds which is about 77 times.

And the third and final you hit 77*2,777%=2,14 times.

So once in 46 000 rounds, you hit “jackpot”. That may seem to be very low and it is, but anyway, it is way more probable with 1€ shot than with any slots. Think about that.


Can this make me money?

Well, this is advanced Technic. But you might try to do the following: take 1000€ and

bet 1€ to single number.. When it hits, use the 35€ to another(or same, doesn´t matter) single number..  If you play more than 1000 rounds without winning two times in a row (possibility to that is 2,777%*2,777%=0,00077%) so you will have 54% change to win at least once two time in row with 1€ bet at 1000 rounds. Then do the martingale, and keep on playing with 1,5€…





Try with MrGreen, very trusted and well known casino with great bonus terms.


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