The most difficult thing is not winning


I would like to share a couple of words about gambling, and which are the most difficult things that keeps you from winning. It is not casino edge, or it is not lack of bankroll. Everybody may win with casinos quite easily, but it requires mental discipline.

Let´s face it: You have been in situation, when you turned 50€ to 150€. With great confidence about your skills you probably decide to cash out  300€ or at least 100€.

What happens? You may get to 250€, and then end up losing to 100€. You think that OK, i´ll just recover that and cash out that 150€. Then you lose probably all of it.

So what is the right time to quit playing, and cash out?  You name it, but do it before you spin first wheel, and stick to that. Never try to go above your first target or deposit more money in order to win it back.

When you gamble, you are using pretty much same instincts that our ancestor were using when hunting lions on savannas. Adrenaline is pumping and decisions are made with whole a different way than they were if you were playing with fake money.

So, gambling can be profitable, but keep your head cold, and stick to your targets. That way you have great change to win over long run. Especially if you use our casinomethod.



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