How to start playing with casinos

Playing with online casinos is great fun. It may change Your life completely in just no time. But unfortunately not only to better, so You need to be super careful.
Playing may be super addictive, and there are some things You should decide before starting.
First is the amount of money you are ready to use.
I will give you a method, that gives you edge over casinos., but anyway there wil be risks. Even with 50% for your favor may turn your bankroll to zero with bad luck. So first choose a monthly amount you are ready to use to playing.
NEVER deposit more than that. Human is psychologically weird, and tries to win back losts etc usually ednig up losing.
So two rules to go with:
1. Choose amount you may use gambling monthly and stick to it.
2. Choose method an stick to it.

When you are ready with this, please see my method from here.
Things to do before starting playing:
1 Open a e-mail adress. I recommend or gmail. It is easier to have a address for only gaming purposes.
2. Open e-wallet. I recommend Neteller, but also Skrill is ok.
Reason to have a e-wallet is mainly money management. You deposit from your account required amount, and newer use more.

3. Great! now You are ready to start playing. Next thing is to open accounts at casino(s).
I recommend you to read this post about my method at this point, since that´s how you make most of playing. Recommended casinos are also listed there.

When claiming bonuses, be sure to check that they are valid for your country.

Casinos to go with


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