Thoughts about roulette

A few words about roulette.

Everybody knows that roulette is French word meaning ”small wheel”, so let´s not go into unuseful nonsense.
Roulette is a game, which can be highly attractive to a gambler. It gives you pretty much unlimited possibilities to win, and unlike slot games, in roulette you know how much you may win and what are possibilities for that. I have made 40€ into 1400€ with 1500+games, and lost about same amount in just a few.
I will tell something about roulette systems out there, and are they woking or not.
I think most of gamblers will figure out or find from internet system called martingale.
It´s a system, where you bet on red or black, and double up your bet after losing. After winning you get back to original bet. That´s the core of most of the roulette strategies. It makes sense, that after several blacks, there has to come red. And that´s true. There will. But you newer know when, and after a single spin, your possibilities are again 49% vs 51% to win or lose. Ten blaks in a row is unpropable, but possible outcome.
Most important thing is not how often you can win (some advertises 99%propability to win etc) but can you double your bankroll more often than you lose it. If you can do that, you have a winning strategy.
How to win in roulette?
Past days casinos were offering good bonuses, that you could wager on roulette and end up winning, unfortunately nowadays roulette is often restricted from casino bonus wagering, so the easiest way to win on roulette is gone.
Roulette is however the best tool for bonushunting, and that´s something you I am going to tell about later.

I have been making 500-1000€ monthly gambling online, and I am going to teach you about my method later on this month. So come back later, and don´t burn your bankroll in slots meanwhile.


 My roulette strategy is here:

Since doubling up after a lose is super risky, I prefer to do it a bit differently. I play columns, and let´s say i start betting 1€ on some of the columns. If that wins, I put again 1. If that loses I put again 1, then if it loses I put 2…3…4…5…6…7etc. Until it wins, then I go back to 1. In that case your winnings are always bigger than loss. It doesn´t cover your loses back necessarily in one hit.. The idea is to play as many games as possible with always keeping winnings bigger than loses. Over the course of 10 000 games it will be profitable.




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